About us

all about the archie parker

The Archie Parker coffee shop and sandwich bar was, as these things often are, a dream turned into reality. We looked long and hard for just the right location for a sandwich bar that also served great coffee, and when this beaten up old property on Dartmouth Road in Forest Hill came up, we jumped on it. The renovations took four months of blood, sweat, tears and coffee, and it couldn’t have been done without the aid of friends and family alike.

What we wanted to do was to provide a great range of sandwiches, served on a variety of breads – something for everyone and a price for all budgets. We tried several local suppliers of breads and cakes before settling for two great local companies based in south East London providing top quality produce.

Our style? Well come and see us and check it out – we don’t look or feel like your average coffee shop, light and bright with a cool 60s/70s vibe. For a flavour of the music we play, check out our Last.fm feed, and to keep track of our latest offerings from the kitchen follow us on Twitter or join us on Facebook.

Amazing friends and family

Now, earlier on this page I mentioned that we only got this far due to the help of friends and family, and it would be wrong of me to not mention a few of them here. First up Pauline for her endless advice, tips and introducing us to just about every other trader on Dartmouth Road, and Aga and Anna for keeping us in coffee until we got up and running. Archie gave us the name, Jason did all the tiling, Toby spent several of his days off doing all the odd jobs no one else wanted. Tom, Sarah and Peter who helped fill and empty vans, and decorate – talking of which, Trev, Cath, Andrea and Frank got paint in all the right places (and some of the wrong places). Lawrence for all his help getting our machine in pristine condition and bearing with us. Matt for all his help in the design and theme, and for helping put up the vinyls! Ian for the Shutter art, Robin and Catherine for the interior design help and Catherine again for being a seamstress and tireless car-boot bargain hunter. Richard for ferrying furniture, Pat and Cynthia for sorting out the garden and clearing and tidying, Michael and Kirk for the electrics, Uncle Peter for locks, Earl for wallpapering and much more besides. We had better not fail to mention Simon and Charlotte, our partners at work and home who have not only put up with us, but also encouraged, engaged and pitched in. Then finally, above and beyond all of the help we have had from everyone else, put together, we have to thank Ray, without whom we would be nowhere, with nothing but a dream.

Zoe & Simon xx